Accounts Executive

J&T Associates, is a fast-paced environment looking to recruit passionate Accounts Executive to join its energetic team. We love to people who are self-motivated, creative and always inspired.

J&T Associates is hiring on behalf of Japanese Brand Car located at Kathmandu.

Job Role:

  • To look after all accounts of the workshop and BG as required.
  • To maintain all sales and purchases from the workshop and BG on the Tally system.
  • TO maintain the VAT Sales Register & after Sales Daily transactions and also all sales and expenses for BG as well.
  • To Reconcile the VAT Register every month with the Accounts ledger.
  • Check work shop Cash & Credit and bills daily and to enter all the vouchers (Income, Expenses & Journal Voucher) into the accounting system, and send a daily report to MD and Finance.
  • To do a cash/credit reconciliation daily and send the report to HO finance and Ram Krishna.
  • Outside Visits for Bank Purposes as required, to deposit cheques, open LC’s etc., collection if required.
  • Checking of all Spare Parts Received monthly and tally with after sales inventory register IN and OUT. Physical verification and reconciliation to be done at least every quarter, with Spare parts dept. and reconciled with books of accounts and to send this report to GM A/S, MD, Finance and Admin every quarter and no later than the 10th of the next month.
  • Prepare Monthly FOC items issued out by stores to Sales for all accessories or other items given, and tally with the sales statement and to make a report for stock out of these FOC items and make vouchers as required for showing these items in the books of accounts and also to ensure that parts and inventory have marked them out and that sales and accounts have marked them as sold but on FOC basis. T
  • TO debit sales for these amounts and to credit workshop accounts for these amounts.
  • To verify all sales taking place on cash basis from the workshop, to ensure they have been approved by Finance, GM A/S and or Adm. Mgr. even if via email, prior to procurement. To ensure that all supporting documents are compiled e.g. requisition form, approval, purchase, bill, GRN etc. and sent to HO at least every week.
  • To verify, record and ensure that parts that arrive at the workshop are checked and entered into the inventory and GRN made and sent to accounts/finance with the Bill and invoice the very next day of parts arriving, or discrepancy report as required if something is broken, damaged or not arrived.
  • TO check all bills being made and to enter into the system prior to sending to head office for finance to cross check again.
  • TO maintain the supplier’s amounts owed and to reconcile all after sales suppliers accounts on a monthly basis and to send for verification to the supplier and the finance office and after this has been verified, to send the verified reconciled stmts. to finance at HO.
  • To reconcile credit customers’ accounts with Ram Krishna and with the customer on a monthly basis without fail. And to send the updated aging credit report to Finance, Ram Krishna and MD. Within 5 working days of the next month for the previous month.
  • To check on collection of previous fiscal year’s outstanding, to make an aging account and represent to management for further action and to Ram Krishna for collection.
  • To check that rental statements are being made every week and sent out to customers whose cars have been lying in the workshop for long periods of time without them coming in contact to take, pay the bill or give approval to go ahead to repair.
  • To make a daily cashflow and coordinate with head office for payables, receivables etc.. and put in all that has to be paid so that planning can be done in a timely manner, eg. Payment of VAT, Tax, TDS etc.. bills of suppliers, Subaru for parts and accessories etc.
  • To make an income and expense statement for the workshop for each and every month, and also for BG and to present to finance and management for setting targets and strategy planning for the workshop and BG.
  • TO monitor, verify and the send for approval all incentives and over time to be paid, and to send to HO in a timely manner so that it can be paid out with salary.
  • TO monitor that weekly revenue targets are being met, to meet with GM A/S on this if found to be below target so s/he can identify remedial ideas to increase revenue or make up amounts prior to the end of the month and can discuss this with the Aftersales team.
  • To check and verify the sales of black mobile and Kabard, and the register of its accounts with Customer Care and admin.

Minimum Qualification:

  • BBA/BBS Graduate.
  • A background in accounts with experience.

If you are looking for a new challenge where your input is highly valued, forward your resume along with a cover letter to: